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Independent Travel Agent:

Guest Jet is always looking for partners from all over the world. Specially, we are looking for travel agents who can provide hotels details / travel deals and handle our booking inquiry in their respective areas. This is a ‘Zero Investment’ business opportunity, but you can earn good commission on handling our booking issue in your areas. We will give commission and required tech expertise.
GuestJet is a best for an independent travel agents as we don't charge any thing for joining our system, while other companies charges handsome amount. We will provide agent control panel to each and every independent travel agent from where they can make bookings and also add new hotels and travel deals from comfort of their home. Independent travel agents don't need to be a registered travel agent.

We also provide website, private branding, booking website * for each travel agent with their own brand name.


Responsibilities agents should handle:
1. Must able to talk to hotels, tours operators, other travel agents for bookings details.
2. Must able to collect hotels which to be added in our system.
3. Must able to handle emergency scenario like strike, earth quake, transportation problems e.t.c so that guest will always be safely transported their respective hotels or airport for departure.
We will give commission, rewards and also funds for emergency scenario.
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