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I just added fund to my account but its still not showing added fund?
Published  2009-08-06 | Knowledgebase | Rating: ( 27 )

It will take few hours before added funds appear to your account. 

We need to get final verificaton from payment gateway to confirm the fund addition. 

if you still not see the fund more than a day, please contact our support team with transaction id , amount and your username. 

We will check it and inform you status. 


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Exchange Rates
Published  2009-08-06 | Knowledgebase | Rating: ( 27 )

 Exchange rates are not exactly real currency exchange rates. They are just for reference. 

We are trying our best to make it close to real value as possbile. 

For hoteliers, it would be better if they  add their hotels rates in USD which will give them close match. 

At the time of payment, currency will be same as added by hotelier. 

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