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Account Status & Transaction Details?
Published  2009-07-07 | Hotels | Rating: ( 26 )

Each hotelier must deposit certain amount to get bookings. When guests make bookings using our system; either from our websites or our partner websites, certain commission is charged to hoteliers. Which will be deducted from hotelier deposited amount. Commission rates can be discussed at the time of agreement and also different type of payment methods and even commission structure can be discus . .. More

Hotel Account Verification?
Published  2009-07-06 | Hotels | Rating: ( 27 )

Each hotelier need to verify their account so that it will be presented to global market.

We need following details to verify account:

1.Copy of signed agreement.

2.Copy of signed commission and other charges.

3.Copy of hotel registration and ownership certificates.

4.Copy of Photo ID ( driving license or National identification card . .. More

Can i add more than one hotel?
Published  2009-06-07 | Hotels | Rating: ( 27 )


You can add more than one hotel. To do that please have either Chain hotel account or Agent account. Normally simple account with have single hotel addition option. To upgrade your account to chain or agent account , please contact support .

Chain or Agent accounts are also free.

Thank you,

. .. More

Get Longitude and Latitude from google map
Published  2009-06-04 | Hotels | Rating: ( 27 )

Finding the latitude/longitude of your location

  1. Visit http://maps.google.com.
  2. Enter the address of your location in the text box, and press the 'Search Maps' button. I . .. More

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