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  Hotel internet marketing tips & marketing strategy:

Hotel marketing involves many things. Hoteliers must do marketing both online ( internet based marketing ) and also effective marketing among travel agents. It is a long and tedious process. Good result can be obtain but requires hard and long work. But to make this easy, joining GuestJet hoteliers can be benefited with both agents based and internet based marketing. In agent based marketing GuestJet will assign hoteliers hotel information to all the agents, sub agents, affiliates , travel website networks and other IDS partners of GuestJet. They will market and sale hotel rooms for hoteliers on behalf of GuestJet.

In terms of internet marketing, GuestJet provides co-branding, private branding and hotel search engine to its network partners. which also give big boost to hoteliers to get more bookings.

GuestJet is regularly updating its system, concept and technology to give max. benefits to its partners.


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