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  Promote Hotel Online Hotel Booking reservation System
1. Instant activation 6. Special offer / promotional marketing.
  You enable your site with booking engine as soon as you get approve from us.   Our affiliates will put your special offer in their home page, that will boost your sales.
2. Free package to reasonable pricing per month. 7. Get the unexpected.
  You can have booking engine for your site for free. We also offer different plan and options if you need extra.   We give free website to our affiliates, free domain redirection, CNAME mapping, and free website design that will give your offer mostly visible to our affiliates clients. No one offer this service. So you will get best deal from us.
3. Free advertising to our affiliates network. 8. Don't have website? - Don't worry.
  We have 100's of affiliates, who will market your hotel offers for free and get little commission as you set. We give 10$ free signup for our affiliates.   We will make website for your hotel if you don't have any website at very reasonable cost.( for hotel website design click here ).
4. Free Free and its Free 9. Don't know how to integrate?*
  You don't need to pay for most of our service. Unless you want to have more service from us. There are no set-up fees, no annual charges, no support costs and no other hidden charges.   Don't worry if you don't know how to integrate it, we will integrate our booking engine for you for your existing website or website we have created for you .
5. Private Branding. 10. Multi-language options.
  Your customer don't have to leave your site , they will get booking in your own website with your own branding. 11. Guest pay at hotel, can hotel can check their booking in our system to reconfirm.
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