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adding funds to my account?
Published  2009-08-06 | Agents | Rating: ( 0 )

 Agents can add funds to GuestJet system by two way: 

1. Direct payment by credit card, wire tranfer, bank transfer, paypal e.t.c 

2. transfering commission as funds 


To add funds please click on Upload Fund section in your control panel. 


If you have any more questions please ask our support team.

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is there any charges on commission withdraw?
Published  2009-08-06 | Agents | Rating: ( 0 )

 Different charges may applicable. 

for paypal , wiretransfer and moneybookers charge depends on amount which will be deducted by them . 

as per cheque payment we charge 5$ for postal charges. 


if you have any more question please ask our support team.

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I just made booking but comission is not added in my account?
Published  2009-08-06 | Agents | Rating: ( 0 )

 Commission to travel agent and sub agent will only be shown .. only after checkout date. 

if you still have questions please ask our support team.

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How do Travel Agent get his commission.
Published  2009-08-06 | Agents | Rating: ( 1 )

 Travel Agent will get comission on each booking they made, 

Travel agent also can get commission on each booking made to their area no matter who made booking, travel agent will get commission. ( Travel agent suppose to handle and check booking status and fix if there is any issue with it . in their assign area) 

We send money by: 


Mon . .. More

Agency Commission Structure.
Published  2009-08-06 | Agents | Rating: ( 2 )

 Agents gets comission on two terms: 

Percentage on Total invoice amount. 

Example: 15% comission 

invoice amount=1000$ 

Agency comission is 150$


Percentage on Comission  to GuestJet:

Example: 40% commission to GuestJet commission.

Invoice amount=1000$

GuestJet comission 18 . .. More

Travel Agent / users / subagents features
Published  2009-08-06 | Agents | Rating: ( 3 )

 General features available for travel agents are: 

1. View booking made by travel agents and hotels under travel agents.

2. Make bookings

3. Add hoteliers 

4. Add hotels / manage hotels 

5. Set and check availibility

6. Set webmaster tools. 

7.Add agents  / sub agents / users 


If y . .. More

Travel Agent can add users and sub agents?
Published  2009-08-06 | Agents | Rating: ( 1 )

 Agent can add users and sub agents. 


Users can be their staff,  who can manage the system . Agents can give limitation for perticular function per users like users one can only check booking while users two can add only manage hotels e.t.c 

same way sub agents can be added. 

there is no difference between users and sub agents.&nbs . .. More

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